I Challenge you to "Take the Challenge"
Knowledge - the priceless gift that last 4ever

What is "Take the Challenge"?
An innovative & fun way for adults to encourage our youth to learn Black History, Business, Economics, Political & Black College facts. Students that register and take the online practice for knowledge are taking "The Challenge".

Students who want to battle for the chance to win $1,000 cash can enter the 13th Annual BlackHistory4ever Quiz Bowl.

Is there any cost & deadline to enter?
There is NO COST to register or participate in the quiz bowl. Deadline to enter is 02/12/2016.

What are the BlackHistory4ever Quiz Bowl prizes?
Top prize per age category is up to $1,000 cash. Prizes, awards & trophies will be given out for participation & winners.

When & Where is the 13th Annual BlackHistory4ever Quiz Bowl?
Saturday Feb. 20th 10:00 am in Cross Creek Mall Fayetteville, NC

How many students can participate in the quiz bowl?
There are three age categories, up to 104 students can particiate.

Can students win prizes for just taking "The Challenge"
Yes, registered students taking the online practice test can get special offers & prizes via their(or parents) mobile phone.

How many times can students take the practice test?
Students can take the online practice test unlimited times and are encouraged to do so, the quiz bowl reflects the practice tests & study guide.

Who can "Take the Challenge"?
All active public, private & church based school students ages 10 - 18

Total study guide facts!
100 facts for ages 10 - 12
150 facts for ages 13 - 18


Why is the study guide so short?
Students already have busy schedules, our goal is to make this an easy fun learning experience.

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