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Almost two decades ago, I created The BlackHistory4ever Quiz Bowl. The Quiz Bowl educated & entertained Fayetteville, NC students ages 10-18. These students came together to display their knowledge and match wits for cash and prizes. Over the years the Quiz Bowl received recognition from Fayetteville Mayors, North Carolina Governors to the MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show.

The Vision!  (See Cover Story | page 2 | page 3)

In February 2013, the Fayetteville Observer did a cover story on my vision. The vision for the Quiz Bowl was to teach more than black history. To date we've added Business, Economics, Political and Civic facts, making the Quiz Bowl a well rounded All-American learning experience.

The “Ride 2 Freedom” made history!
The "Ride 2 Freedom" celebrated African-American Veterans after the quiz bowl with a convoy ride to the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, NC. December 2011 the "War on Iraq" ended and the country wanted to celebrate the troops homecoming. February 2012 we welcomed home & celebrated all our American Veterans.

That act of inclusiveness caught the attention of The Rachel Maddow TV Show. The "Ride 2 Freedom" convoy made national news and history, making Fayetteville the second City in America to recognize the troops with a homecoming. That following week President Obama acknowledged Fayetteville, NC! In 2017 we retired the "Ride 2 Freedom" convoy, but the journey continues in our hearts.

Special Thanks to: Sheriff Ennis W. Wright & the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office for years of "Ride 2 Freedom" escorts.

NEW for 2020 - The BH4E Challenge:
The challenge to host a traditional Quiz Bowl amidst today's digital savvy youth prompted the need to innovate the Quiz Bowl. The BlackHistory4ever Challenge is a 3-minute 25 question online challenge on Black History, Business, Economics, Political & Civics facts.

Through today's technology, we are able to take the Quiz Bowl across America. Join us as we educate, entertain and reward America's youth, every time they take "The BlackHistory4ever Challenge."

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