How to Register and get the Official Study Guide for the Quiz Bowl:

All contestants must register now thru deadline date of February 19, 2014


Rules & Information on the Quiz Bowl?

IT'S EASY, acquire the free official Study Guide which all questions will come from. All questions of Quiz Bowl will come from Study Guide. Each student stands alone answering questions attempting to gain points, in the allotted time per round. True/false, multiple choice, and fill in the blank questions will be asked. The student with the most points per round will advance to the next round. The final round, per age group, will produce the winner. The event is free to participate and lunch is provided to all contestants.Cash & Prizes will be awarded at end of the quiz bowl to winners.


Study Guide will be emailed and online for download on Feb. 1st 2014.


Good Luck,


Joe McGee


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