1 Stroke (Youth Development & Gang Prevention Program)Meet Cortez A. Simpson, Executive Director of the 1 Stroke Youth Development & Gang Prevention Program. His program is designed to assist youth in meeting short and long term goals in route to becoming a more positive part of their community, while concentrating on the health and wellness as well. The program partners with the youth, and his or her parents or guardian, in developing an “Approach the Green” life plan. This team follows an outline of events and activities that are required for both personal and peer development.


To learn more call Cortez Simpson @ 704.713.2950

Sgt. Thomas Green III
On April 24, 2004, Thomas was involved in a vehicle accident caused by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). He was rescued from under the 5-ton truck then moved to the nearest medical aid station. Later Thomas was moved to Germany where he was stabilized and finally to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Thomas sustained a crushed pelvis and a fractured back along with a list of other secondary injuries including a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Thomas spent about 13 months recovering at Walter Reed. 

To learn more call Thomas Green @ 727.278.5137

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