The BlackHistory4ever Challenge loc

The BlackHistory4ever (BH4E) Challenge? Is the 3-minute 25 question online challenge on related categories.

The Challenge - Answer correct all 25 questions in the shortest amount of time under 3-minutes. A perfect score is 100. You can take the BH4E Challenge as many times you like to achieve personal goal and accrue points.

Everyone can take the challenge, as an individual or team. After each challenge the score represents your points per challenge.
As an individual, your cumulative points become your total score.


You can join or start a team (click here). Great examples of teams are; your church team, school team, athletic program team, social organization or place of employment, etc. Your individual points will contribute to total team score.


Taking the BH4E Challenge we hope to increase your KNOWledge and ignite further learning of Black History, Business, Economics, Politics and Civics. As an individual or team, whoever accrues the most points WIN! The best scores will be posted on website.

Take the BlackHistory4ever Challenge: (click here)

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