As director of GOTDAD, journey through time and verify our many accomplishments.

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Journey through the years of archived Fayetteville Observer newspaper coverage from our humble beginnings to present:
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Letter from Governor of NC
Letter from Mayor of Fayetteville, NC

February 2013
Front page cover story in Fayetteville Observer Saturday's Extra (front page, page 2, page 3)


December 2012
Organized and hosted the Christmas Skate Party & "Letters to Students" of Sandy Hook Elementary with the
C.O.C. East North Carolina bikers​. (NBC 17 news video clip)


​February 2012​
Hosted the "Ride 2 Freedom" convoy for Iraq Vets. This event was recognized by MSNBC The Rachel Maddow Show
as the nations second organized event for Iraq Vets. (Rachel Maddow news clip)
(Officlal Rachel Maddow link on Ride 2 Freedom)


March 2011​

Received Official Letter of Recognition from Governor of North Carolina forthe 8th Annual Black History Quiz Bowl and African-Americans in the Military Appreciaton Day.


December 2010

Received a $2,500 grant from the N.C. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission to initiate a youth program in Fayetteville, NC with a central focus on Dr. King's philosophy of nonviolence. (Fayetteville Observer article)


November 2010

Successfully organized & hosted the Shaniya Davis One Year Memorial Anniversary and assisted with the 5K Walk in Atlanta, Ga. (radio ad)


June 2010
Successfully organized Shaniya Speaks Day - First observance for Shaniya Davis (5 year old who went missing 
Nov. 10th 2009. Her abduction & murder made National News attention.


March 2010

Received Official Letter or Recognition from Mayor of Fayetteville, NC the 7th Annual Black History Quiz Bowl.


August 2008

Organized the 45th Anniversary "March on Washington" observance & " I Have a Dream" too balloon release at
Marketfair Mall. Fayetteville, NC (flyer)


September 2007

Went to Louisiana in support of the Jena 6 Rally, organized local Fayetteville, NC gathering and gave ground
eyewitness reports from Jena, La. (Fayetteville Observer article)


April 2007

Raised over $1,000 in an afternoon Car Wash for a local slain teenager’s family. (flyer)


November 2006

Adopted a victimed Hurricane Katrina family, giving them a new start with housing, job and support.
(The Johnson family story)


October 2006

Presented a Certificate of Excellence for our outreach efforts for Hurricane Katrina families by the Mayor of Fayetteville.


August 2006

Received a Proclamation from the Mayor of New Orleans for organizing a One Year Hurricane Katrina Anniversary
gathering for families who relocated to Fayetteville. (Fayetteville Observer article on event)


November 2005

Started MPIRE Boxing Gym, gave free lessons to underprivileged youth & birth of Flight of Fight Family Safety
and anti-abduction & rape prevention clsses. (flyer)

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